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Why Diplomakids?

  • All children should have a savings plan for their futures.
  • Your friends and family would love an easy way to contribute to your child’s future during birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.
  • We are an easy way to let your friends and relatives stay involved in your child’s most recent activities and adventures.
  • In addition to helping you fund your child’s future, when you are ready, we can connect you with all the information you need to learn about college savings.

Spend quality time with your child and start planning for the future today.

100% Free for Parents

  • Our goal is only to help families save for the future.
  • We are not financial advisors and will never try to sell you any type of financial services or specific college savings plan.
  • There are never any costs for you to register your family and become a member of Diplomakids.
  • Diplomakids allows your friends and family to contribute to your child’s future with the simple click of a button. 100% of all contributions go to your child. Diplomakids charges a small additional transaction fee for each contribution to cover our credit card and security fees, as well as enhance our site and service.

100% Secure for Families

  • Invite only the friends and family that you choose to view your child’s website.
  • No one can ever view any of your child’s information without approval.
  • Diplomakids never shares your family's information with anyone.

The Student Debt Struggle

  • There are more than 37 million student loan borrowers worth over $1.2 trillion
  • College expenses have increased 80% since 1994
  • Average student debt is $29,400
  • 85% of parents say they worry about how their children will pay for college
  • Some parents are forced to raid their retirement plans to help pay for college

Realities of U.S. Households

  • 75% of college graduates have student loan debt
  • 60% of kids 8-12 have a cell phone
  • 91% of kids have a video game system
  • 71% of kids 8-18 have a TV in the bedroom
  • Only 36% of middle-income families have a college savings fund